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  • UT Sport Clubs

    The Club Community

    UT's Sport Clubs program is showing more than one thousand students each year what it means to play hard and have fun doing it.

    Baseball Stars

    East Tennessee Baseball Stars

    From minors to majors, above home plate or on the pitcher's mound, Tennessee continues to leave its mark on professional baseball.

    Art Boyd

    Broken—But Not Crushed

    The lone survivor of a top-secret mission in Korea, Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd sheds light on the 1952 operation that, he says, may have averted another war.

  • Around Town

    Around Town

    Former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald brings his soulful sound to the Tennessee Theatre this fall for a must-see performance.

    Arts in the Back

    Arts in the Back

    Local artist Jean Hess brings her work to life in Knoxville through an innovative combination of creativity, spontaneity, and purpose.

    In the Zone

    In the Zone

    UT Director of Athletics Dave Hart reviews the success of UT student-athletes and the campaign that's helping to grow their future.

  • Dining Guide

    Dining Guide

    Get your tailgate crew geared up for the big game with some of Knoxville's tastiest game-day dishes.


Smoky Mountain Sporting Life

From peaceful fly-fishing spots to heart-pumping zipline tours, the Smoky Mountains offer the perfect playground for any outdoor adventure.


Root for the Orange Team!

Just like your beloved UT Vols, the health benefits of your favorite orange vegetables—from butternut squash to sweet potatoes—just can't be beat.


Gems in the Rough

The Emerald Youth Foundation has been involved in youth leadership development and community engagement for the past two decades.

The Knoxonomist

The Knoxonomist

Are fans taking their role in sports a little too seriously, losing rationality on the sidelines? The Knoxonomist explores the spectacle.